Get Covid Tests on the best prices of the market!

Have you been vaccinated and want to test whether your vaccination was effective in generating antibodies to SARS-Cov-2? Do you just want to be tested for a possible infection with Covid-19? “Athens Hospital”, always close to your needs throughout this difficult period of the pandemic, continues to offer you all the tests (Antibody Test, PCR and Rapid Test COVID-19) at unique prices!

What is the cost of the tests?

The “Athens Hospital” offers you the Antibody Test, as well as the Molecular (PCR) Test Covid-19, at the best prices in the market:

Molecular TEST (PCR) COVID-19: 55.00 euros
Antigen Rapid Test COVID-19: 19.00 euros
IgG/IgM Antibody Test: 30.00 euros

The samples are taken in a specially designed area of our clinic, with all the necessary safety measures.

Special offers are made for mass tests, in Families, Businesses, Associations, Sports Clubs, Institutions, Elderly Care Units etc. Contact us to serve you based on your individual needs.

For additional information, contact the secretariat of our clinic at: 210-8236721, 210-8236723, 210-8224562.